Welcome to AMsouk

Our name “AMsouk” is the combination of 3 words i.e. “A” stands for ALLAH (JSH), “M” stands for MUHAMMAD (SAW) and “souk” is an Arabic word which means market, so AMsouk is an online marketplace operating under Islamic principles of doing business.  We are  digitizing all major Pakistani markets on its platform. AMsouk is using digital technology to bring ease in the life of consumer. Now people don’t need to go to the market and suffer during shopping. AMsouk brings the markets to the people and access to every product in that market. You can contact the shopkeeper and ask him for queries. On AMsouk, you can search the product, which you need, and order it, shopkeeper will courier the desired product at your place and you can pay the bill at your home through cash on delivery. Currently, AMsouk hosts a wide range of fashion & beauty products and ensures all product pictures are real and actual without any digital editing so the customer can feel the originality of the offered products.

Shopping is made so easy through AMsouk. Currently, we are working on all major wholesale and retail markets to make them digital and available on AMsouk.com. AMsouk connects both shopkeepers & customers and give access to every product of that shopkeeper through computer and mobile. AMsouk ensures that the products which are offered on AMsouk are of quality, variety & on controlled price. AMsouk make rating system of shopkeepers, where customers who buys from a particular shopkeeper can rate the shopkeeper and give reviews about the quality of the ordered product. AMsouk gives priority to customer’s protection & satisfaction and if the customer does not like the product then he/she may easily return or exchange the product. However, if the customer is still unhappy with his/her purchase then he/she may lodge the complain against the shopkeeper & we will ensure to solve the grievances.

What We Do

We bring markets on computers and mobiles through digital technology and introduce ease in shopping experience.

Our Vision

Making markets digital and bringing ease in human’s life.

Customer’s Protection

We guarantee customer’s security and protect them from shopkeeper’s maltreatment.